‚The most glamorous side of the sexiest latin rythms‘


A musical, choreographic and interpretive compromise between the ardor of Latin rhythms and the elegance of classical music that will take the public to a state of shocking euphoria.

With a wardrobe full of color and brightness that enhances the silhouettes of the dancers, creating a seductive game through their interpretation and the different choreographies: in passionate duets, in suggestive trios and in their most dynamic aspect of the group dancing to the Cuban son, to the beat of a rumba, to the rhythm of a guajira, a cha-cha-cha, or to the courage of the mambo and salsa, among others.

In this wide range of Latin rhythms, you cannot miss the instrumental support of live percussion with maracas, tambourines, cajones, samba whistles, taconeo …

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony fused with the Cuban rhythms of salsa cause a final explosion that, like fireworks, spreads throughout the auditorium prompting the public to dance, not to hold back, making the viewer, when he leaves his town Come out happy and well-humored, with the feeling of having felt the protagonist of an unforgettable experience.



Steaming hot and sexy; the audience will be irresistibly attracted to this show.

“GLAMOUR LATINO” shows us the most sophisticated style of the latin dancing.

A firework of colour and shinny costumes with an ensemble of sexy latin dancers.

The show is a trip along the most popular and famous latin dance and rhythms, presented through stunning choreographies: big group numbers, sensual trios, passionated duos, strong men dance numbers, sexy women dance numbers, funny and colourful numbers…and many surprises.

Mambo, Salsa, Rumba, Tango,  Cha-cha, Guajira, Son Cubano…among others

In the show there are many dance numbers with live percussion: maracas, tambourin, wooden sticks, agogo, cajon, samba whistle, stepping and body percussion.

Good vibes, powerful and happy energy rise during the whole show through. A spectacular closing number that interacts with the audience, will  make everyone leave the theater in a happy mood.