‚An explosive cocktail of dance and entertainment‘


A bright and colorful show with the intention of animating the viewer in an explosive cocktail of dance, sequins and spectacular music…. A journey through time through different musical periods.

In Let´s dance the ballroom dance disciplines are the protagonists in a versatile show with surprising moments that connect and combine the different dance disciplines.

The main objective is to lead the public, through the suggestive and wide universe of dance, to a great celebration of brightness and color.

With an extravagant and spectacular large number of opening dances in most Vegas and Swarovski style feathers, which follows one another in a classic waltz, then swing, rock´n´roll, tango, milonga, pasodoble with castanets and reaching very colorful and virtuous numbers of Latin dances.

The music fused with classic, pop and disco make up a vibrant and dynamic show. Each stop is a new different stadium, a new story, a new dance proposal.

Each number shows us a different aspect, sometimes happy, brilliant, free, insinuating, daring and, at other times, more serene and delicate.

Each of the pieces in the show represents a scale of dramatization that the dancers mark in their movements and gestures when crossing the stage , making the audience enjoy a vivid, joyous and festive atmosphere.



Versatile dance show of different dance disciplines with amazing choreographies. The main achievement is to bring the audience through a fantastic trip of multifaceted world of dance.

With a big Opening dance number in the most Vegas Style feathers and Swarovski , to a classical vals, Swing, rock n´roll, tango, milonga,  vals, paso doble with castagnettes, hot latin dance numbers. Very original music, fusioning classic & pop composers with dance establish music.

 Each stop is a new different world, a new story, a new dance expression. Every number shows us a different face of dancing, sometimes happy, cool, free, strict, arrogant, delicate, sexy, …. perfectly delivered thanks to astonishing choreographies and  the extraordinary dramatic performed of the dancers.

Stunning choreography and exquisite costumes combine with the best selection of music and lighting work make of this show an unforgettable experience.