We successfully establish our own label, where the passion for art and creativity knows no limits… as a theatrical illusion that never dies.
Our productions for theaters, events and live entertainment are characterized by their conceptual beauty and creative originality, combining dance with cutting-edge audiovisual technology, a spectacular costume design, an elaborate musical selection and a striking lighting design.
We focus on an avant-garde vision in our shows, where dance is combined with new technologies, achieving stunning visual effects that enhance an original staging concept.
Passion, elegance and pure technique, uncut… are some of the characteristics that define our works and are always represented by artists of the highest category.


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We also create custom shows, specially created and tailor-designed for your idea, event or project.
We have a highly qualified professional team of technicians, light designers, choreographers, directors, dancers and artists who are 100% committed to reflecting the desired message and the ideas of the client in a final product that will provide captivating and unforgettable moments to your audience.

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